How do I add funds to my account?

Add Funds


TIP:  All approved payment options can be found in the My Wallet section of your account. 

  • Click on your username in the top navigation and then click on My Wallet.
  • Next, on the left-hand side, click the Deposit button:


  • You will be prompted with several options to make a deposit, including USDC, Credit Card, Coinbase for BTC and ETH, and HBAR for Hedera Hashgraph. 

  • If you select USDC, you will be asked to click Generate USDC Address. This will produce an address that USDC funds can be sent to for your account. 
  • If you select Credit Card, enter a dollar amount into the input box and click on Add Funds:

  • If your funds have been added successfully via Credit Card, you will see the Yeah! Funds added. response:

  • If you select Coinbase Commerce, you will be prompted with a choice to either Pay with Coinbase, or select between Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you pick a cryptocurrency, you will be prompted with a BTC or ETH address. 

  • If you select HBAR, you will be prompted with a wallet address to deposit your HBAR in. Once you have sent HBAR to that address, click Check for new HBAR deposits to confirm it has been sent.