How do I sign up for an account?

Welcome to INFINITE Powered by SUKU!


Tip: After setting up your account, don't forget to add a payment method to your wallet!


  • Creating an account is simple!
  • Click sign up and start by providing a valid email address and password that you'd like to use:
  • When you click on Continue, you will be asked to provide a valid phone number:
  • After entering a valid phone number and clicking Continue, enter the 6-digit code that is sent to you; please note, the code is only valid for 5 minutes:

  • Enter the 6-digit code that you received on your device and click Continue.
  • Once you successfully enter the 6-digit code, make sure to securely store your recovery code.  You'll need it if you ever want to log into your account without your mobile device (every time you login, you will be sent the 6-digit code to your device):

  • INFINITE Powered by SUKU uses Auth0 to securely manage your login information, therefore, after you securely store your recovery code, the last step is for you to provide INFINITE permissions to access to use Auth0 by clicking Accept:

  • Congrats!  After you hit Accept, you will be taken to the INFINITE Powered by SUKU landing page and you will see the email you registered with on the top navigation bar:

Tip: Don't forget to confirm your email!